Greg—Design thinker, artistic soul and a problem solver with a pragmatic and holistic approach.

Worked with

Adyen Adyen Adyen Adyen Adyen

He plans products

Every product starts with a plan. Where are we now? Where do we want to be in the future? What do we want to do and why? I use some of this real-time tools to explore the ideas, concepts, data models, possible outcomes, metrics, and most important – to set up a team and stakeholders and have them all in the loop. helps me aggregate all of the popular sources of information in one place.

He design, and prototype them

To speed things up I work only with Figma. It allows to work real-time with collaborators on one document and create new elements, apply changes, fix the user flow. This helps building complex design systems, library of components, structures and organisms but also gives one of kind of experience with prototyping, sharing and receiving feedback. All without having a single file on my laptop. Sometimes I use Vue.js with JSON to prototype more complex information structures (data sets).

He builds them (with the team)

With my front-end background I can easily manage the workflow over the building the product. Experience of being close with the mobile (iOS, Android) developers also helps estimate the technical aspects of implementation. Design to code, code to design.

And he makes sure it’s successful

Validating at early stage can save a lot of time and time is money. I'm a big fan of creating the product increments every week. This gives speed and enough time to take a look and focus of the essence of the app. This is a back and forth communication between Product Owner, me as a designer, users, back to product owner and developers (keeping in mind stakeholders with results).

He contributes to the design society

Learning from other gives ability to share knowledge back and contribute to the community. Before the pandemic he organised a several meetups with AmsterdamUX. For the last year he helped other designer with Figma and came up with some ideas for Figma that (maybe not directly) will see the daylight in January 2021.

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