Grzegorz Hadala

Design thinker, artistic soul and the problem solver with a pragmatic and holistic approach.


Disc Museum

Classical music in your pocket. Access thousands of compositions, articles and composers biographies.


My Pocket Pro

Connect PGA professional trainers with entry- and mid-level golf players that are trying to improve their skills in easy, engaging and affordable way.


Swift: Drink Sociably

Everyone facing the problem of waiting in the line to grab a cold pint from the bar in any pub around London. No matter the day of the week they are usually packed. Swift is a solution for that. It's easy to use, fun and engaging.


The Cambridge Satchel Company

Redesign proposal.


Finding holiday packages in the easy way. After implementing the first (live) version in 2016 it was time to improve the experience based on the beta testing with users.


Empathy to the users came to me very natural. I’m a problem solver and my biggest goal is to make users happy. With more than 10 years of experience in digital design and artistic soul I’ve developed an eye to create beautiful interfaces and smooth and engaging user flows.


Front-end development and being up to date with new technologies (and tools) are my hobby. I’m also using it to improve and optimize my design and business workflow. I'm building Vue.js/AngularJS prototypes when it's needed. I keep an eye on implementation process and I make sure that engineers are using best solutions and keep their code tidy with KISS and DRY approach.


I’m a business thinker. Making users happy is a first, the second one is to make business happy. Building amazing products is for solving peoples struggle but also is reaching designated markets and making money.



  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Project Vision & Goals
  • Measure of Success


  • Business Requirements
  • User Iterviews
  • Value Proposition Canvas


  • Storyboarding
  • Personas
  • Experience Maps


  • Sketching & Wireframing
  • UI & Prototyping
  • User Testing


  • BETA Launch
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • User Testing

Product Designer with 3 years of practice with building beautiful mobile and web products with great experiences and 7 years as a multidisciplinary digital designer in print, marketing and advertising.

Worked with different types of target markets and delivered more than 30 mobile apps and websites in the corporate, start-up and a freelance environment.

I worked with big brands:

and some startups: