Treasury Stream Dashboards

A transformative project focused on streamlining financial workflows for enterprise customers, enhancing payout processes, balance management, and reporting through user-centric design and innovative features.

Senior Product Designer
2018 2021
Design System
Product Design
Project overview

The finance function at Adyen is designed to efficiently provide information on payouts, balances, deposits, and reporting for two distinct user groups: internal users from our Operational Finance department and external users, including the Accounting and Treasury teams of our clients.

We created a tool to help our customers easily change their payout models and schedules without needing to contact support. This move cut down on over 1,400 support tickets a year, saving time for both our customers and our support team, who can now focus on more important issues.

View after release
Payout model setups
Support ticket drop

Stakeholder Management

Navigating stakeholder input was a significant hurdle. Ensuring that the right people were at the table was crucial and demanded finesse. Through mentorship from design leads and the head of product design, I mastered including diverse perspectives and conducting efficient meetings that would vet both good and bad ideas effectively.

Adapting to the Company Culture

Initially, my reticence and tendency to work in isolation hindered progress. I learned to embrace our culture of openness, sharing updates regularly through design reviews. This transparency fostered collaboration and helped me integrate into the team dynamic more effectively.

Time to Market Realities

My project manager's pursuit of perfection delayed our launch, with the final product still falling short of expectations. This setback taught us the value of iterative development. We shifted to a phased approach, incrementally releasing products, allowing us to refine our offerings based on real-world feedback and significantly speeding up our time to market.


Company overview

Our new tool cut manual support for payout changes, reducing 1,400+ annual tickets and saving time for customers and support. With 730 users self-serving and a 38% conversion rate, support requests dropped significantly.

Charts: Sales vs Refunds vs Payouts

The data visualization provides merchants with a straightforward comparison of sales, payouts, and refunds, offering a transparent view of their financial activity and performance metrics.


We introduced a feature that allows merchants to retain specific amount of funds for refunds during peak times like holiday sales.


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