Hey there!

I'm Greg

My journey with digital design started in 2005 while I was trying to build a website with my friends from the neighbourhood. Before I realized that I'm passionate about Product Design I tried myself in print design, brand design, type design, illustration, 3d modelling and animation, VFX and video production.

In the end, my current exciting journey started with PayU as I was given a chance to start working as UX/UI designer. All the previous experiences gave me a set of skills that helps with looking at design problems holistically.

I also enjoy front-end development and keeping up with new trends in tech (I built this portfolio using Nuxt.js, TailwindCSS and DatoCMS based on GraphQL).

Work experience

Been there, done that

Head of Product

FreeBird / Chicago (remote) / Nov 2019 — Mar 2020

A bunch of friends teaming up and trying to build a startup from a simple need. I was in charge of the visual and experience direction of the app and system for venue owners.

Meetup organizer

AmsterdamUX / Amsterdam / Sep 2019 — Mar 2021

As one of the organizers at AmsterdamUX, I helped to run several meetups for the community of 4,500 members in offices of companies like ING, Elsevier, Adyen, MediaMonks and IronHack.

Product Designer

Adyen / Amsterdam / Sep 2018 — Mar 2021

Adyen gave me an opportunity to work for enterprise customers by designing financial workflows at the Treasury stream, and then, after moving to Shopper Risk, helping with revamping the experience of risk management. I contributed to the design system, participate in hackatons (as a winning team) and for the team well-being. 

Senior Designer

Kite.ly / London / Oct 2017 — Jul 2018

Working on an online print-on-demand platform for merchants by designing web and mobile SDK for whitelabel solution, used by companies like Polaroid, Canon, LifeCake.

UX/UI Designer

ucreate.it / London / Oct 2015 — Oct 2017

Working at ucreate.it gave me an opportunity to collaborate with an incredible team of product managers and developers for many different startups that we helped validate by researching, rapid prototyping, testing and implementing.

UX/UI Designer

PayU / Warsaw / Jun 2014 — Jun 2015

At PayU I was responsible for the Mobile Wallet App where users could manage their payments and top-ups. I was happy to work with an amazing team of developers and after so many years, we still keep in touch as friends.

Daily routine

Bring the right ideas to life

There are many different ways of solving different problems. My process is simple and pragmatic: define the challenge, collect requirements (both from users and business), design prototypes, test and validate them, and at the end, implement what's the best solution for a given moment.


The key is to understand the problem. This is the part where we collect insights helping us empathize with the users and stakeholders. These are one of my favourite methods to do it:

  • Dovetail
  • Customer interviews
  • Design Sprints
  • Questionnaires
  • Shadowing


Putting together a definition of the problem based on the insights is a tricky part. Many people have a different point of view, sometimes might be biased or they just don't get what you've meant. This is why the common language is key.

  • Dovetail
  • Airtable
  • Coda.io
  • Google Docs


This is the fun part. After putting a definition of the problem now we can collect requirements (or create ones). Based on that high-fidelity prototypes are coming out ready to be tested. I love to upload video recording to Dovetail, transcribe it and play with tagging patterns.

  • Figma
  • Usability Testing
  • Dovetail


When prototypes are good to go, now it's time for the hand-off. As the design is never done, it's not a one-time thing. I like to work in cycles focusing on one problem at the time. This means regular catch-ups with the team (PM, front-end, back-end, data science, commercial representative). In some cases, things have to be documented or sold to customers, which requires to work with UX/Tech writers and people from marketing.

  • Product Management Software
  • Sprints
  • Figma
Other than work

Painting, traveling and totally suck at our band.

During my free time, I enjoy painting, playing ukulele, bass guitar and piano. I travel whenever I can (visited 14 countries so far). I read a lot of books about astronomy and astrophysics. I'm incredibly concerned about plastic and electronic waste pollution. If you're looking for any help (project, volunteer work) on that, reach me out on LinkedIn.