2015 / ucreate.it

Swift. Drink Sociably

A fun project for a customer who wants to solve the problem of queueing up in a busy bar in order to get some drinks. Order in advance!


Everyone facing the problem of waiting in the line to grab a cold pint from the bar in any pub around London. No matter the day of the week they are usually packed.


The founder came up with the idea to solve this by using Swift App to check-in in the pub, browse menu and order drinks and food from the app. It's integrated with special iPad app for bartenders.

My role was to improve the experience and make it easy, fun and engaging. Generating three funny words (that actually doesn't make sense) can secure your order and cause funny situations at the bar.

One of the ideas for the post-MVP was to implement a card game while waiting for your drinks (guess who am I) holding your phone on your forehead.


The first thing to show for the users was the nearest pubs in your area. Browsing through saved or find totally new ones. When the user finds his favourite place he can easily find desired drinks from the menu. With just a few taps his order is ready for the payment.

Browsing through nearby bars


While reviewing your order you can still change your mind by - of course - adding more drinks to your "cart". Easy payment integration with Stripe and PayPal let you pay for your order with no struggle. For the post-MVP, I was planning to integrate Apple Pay/Google Pay for even better payment experience.

Ordering flow

Drinking 🍻

After successful payment, your the bartender is preparing your order. You will have to show or tell your secret code to him to collect the order. When it's ready you'll receive the push notification that includes the bartender's name, photo and your code.

I was considering to implement the games while waiting and tipping the bartender at the end.

Receiving a notification when drinks are ready

My role as UX/UI Designer at ucreate.it

London / Oct 2015 — Oct 2017

Working at ucreate.it gave me an opportunity to collaborate with an incredible team of product managers and developers for many different startups that we helped validate by researching, rapid prototyping, testing and implementing.

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