2015 / ucreate.it

Latetrip.com - Holiday package serach engine

A few concepts for a holiday package search engine website done in multiple steps across several months of work with the team at ucreate.

Latetrip.com (or previous Vakay.com) was an assignment at ucreate where we worked on validating the new idea on browsing the holiday packages.

Our team focused not only on mapping the user journeys, stories, scope of the projects but also on the research around the market fit. It was very challenging work at that time, especially with the dev team overseas with a significant time difference.

In the end, the project was funded on Crowdcube for £248k.



My role as UX/UI Designer at ucreate.it

London / Oct 2015 — Oct 2017

Working at ucreate.it gave me an opportunity to collaborate with an incredible team of product managers and developers for many different startups that we helped validate by researching, rapid prototyping, testing and implementing.

I also worked on: