2015 / Kite.ly

Print-on-demand platform for web and mobile

A multiplatform SDK for self-branded print-on-demand apps and services.

My role at Kite.ly

My main role was to prepare a completely revamped SDKs for iOS, Android and Web. This requirement came from a recent acquisition by Canon in order to introduce a modern, consistent and scalable toolkit for merchants on Shopify. Alongside with other designers in our team, we came up with a simple library of platform-based components and find ways, with many iterations and testing, to create smooth workflows around creating merchandise.

In order to satisfy a “white-label” requirement for companies like Polaroid, Pic-Collage, LifeCake and FanJoy we kept the UI as native as possible with some modifications.


I think the most challenging part was the edit modes for the specific products. Wall-art category was the most consuming at it requires to maintain multiple product customisation levels: size, frame type and colour finish, orientation. I had a lot of fun experimenting with different ideas and creating dynamic components in Sketch in order to create an easy way to ideate on different options.

iOS and Android SDK

Main iOS components library

Product placeholders and image layouts (lots of them)

Image editing flow

Photo calendar flows with product description, choosing a starting month, selecting images and previewing the spreads of the final calendar.

Choosing framed prints and adjusting the size and finish.

The native support for the checkout flow


The SDK comes with a full package including a web experience. We've separated the Photo Books experience from anything else.

Set of overlays.

Navigation blocks

My role as Senior Designer at Kite.ly

London / Oct 2017 — Jul 2018

Working on an online print-on-demand platform for merchants by designing web and mobile SDK for whitelabel solution, used by companies like Polaroid, Canon, LifeCake.

I also worked on: